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Walk-in Tub Prices and Options

What is the range in types of Walk-in Tubs and prices?

Walk-in safety bathtubs run the gamut, from high-end models with lots of bells and whistles to a basic bathtub with a door. You can pay anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 for a walk-in or step-in bathtub. Companies with less expensive tubs tend to emphasize their practical benefits and options. Companies with more expensive models often trumpet the aesthetic qualities of their products. Some of the optional features are designed to make the bathtub more accessible to handicapped users, some features are for decor and comfort.

What are some of the options for Walk-in Tubs and the prices of the options?

Each manufacturer and seller is different, of course, but here are some common options or add-ons, and the average approximate price we found from various sellers.

Feature/Option Picture Description Expect to pay

Finishing Skirt

A molded wall and flooring piece that covers the remaining area where your bathtub was removed. More info


Skirting for freestanding tub

Used around exposed areas of a bathtub to hide plumbing. More info


Deck Extension

Section of matching tub wall to cover open space between tub and wall. More info

$250 - $285

Moen TL183 Faucet System

An example of a faucet system that works with some Walk-In Tubs. More info


Assist Bar Package

Assist Bars are installed in and around the walk-in tub area to assist the bather in entering the tub, sitting and standing. More info


Seat warmer

Electrically warms the seat surface area.


Whirlpool with heater

Cyclical system of water jets that also create bubbles. Often contains a heater so the water does not cool when running.


Water Jet System

Water jets are generally stronger than air jets and the rush of water is pushed through a larger opening than air jets. More info


Air Jet System

Air jets are smaller than water jets, delivering a gentler rush of air though more holes. More info


3 piece wall surround

Installed above the tub to protect the wall from water. More info


Drain & Overflow Kit

Usually sold together, the drain allows the water to exit the tub, and the overflow allows water to esape if tub is filled too full. More info


Bath Dome

Like a roof over the tub, it attaches to the top of the surround walls to give the tub area a finished look.


Decorator Colors

White and off-white are usually offered, but often other colors are aviailable at an extra charge. More info


Base Shipping

Sometimes included in the price, sometimes required at an extra charge. More info



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