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Walk-in Tub Colors, Fixtures, and Options

What are Walk-in Tubs made from?

Most walk-in bathtubs, also called step-in tubs, are made from either acrylic or fiberglass. Fiberglass usually has a gel coat over it that makes it look like acrylic. One expert we checked with says that acrylic is a better buy because the gel coat over the fiberglass becomes dingy after three years or so.

What choices are there in fixtures?

The majority of fixtures for are chrome, with a few manufacturers offering gold-tone or bronze.

We could only locate one manufacturer who offered a variety of fixture styles, Premier Bathrooms. Be sure to ask the manifacturer about handicap bathtub fixtures that are availabe for special needs.

What choices are there in colors?

The basic color for walk-in or safety bathtubs is white. The majority of manufacturers also offer a cream or wheat option. Some also offer a palette of colors. Many will provide custom colors for an extra charge.

For a more complete list of walk-in tub options and prices, see our Prices & Options page.


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