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Wasauna Model WAS-888 Walk-in Tub

Base price
for this model:
Door type:
Seat type:
Shower: Handheld Shower Head
Jets: Optional
W x L x H
27.00 x 46.00 x 35.00
Notes: The tub features a water-seal door, a seat, a retractable hand shower, and four adjustable water jets which are designed for hydrotherapy. More jets and a heated blower are also optional for an additional charge.
The WAS-888 Walk-in Tub, or Safe Hands Bathtub, model WAS-888, is is handicap accessible designed for seniors and the disabled. The tub is designed so that the bathers entire body can be submerged while seated.
The price we list is generally for a soaker tub (which means the tub has no hydrotherapy jets). Sometimes hydrotherapy jets are listed as a standard feature, which means the hydrotherapy system is included in the price. Most tubs offer hydrotherapy jets as an additional option, meaning there is an extra charge. Check our notes on this page for more information about this model.


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