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Seabridge Bathing Cameo (72 inch) Walk-in Tub

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Type: Tub/Shower
Door type: Removable
Seat type: Contoured
Colors: Custom
Shower: Handheld Shower Head
Jets: Yes
W x L x H
27.25 x 72.00 x 36.75
Notes: The Cameo Walk-in Tub features a slide out door, 16-jet massage therapy system, easy palm door latch system, fast-fill taps, quick drain system, hot water protection, textured floor, and safety grab rails.
The Cameo Walk-in tub comes in two sizes; 48 inches in length or 72 inches in length. Unlike most walk in tubs, this tub allows for effortless and complete removal of the door, an innovative feature exclusive to the Seabridge Cameo Walk-In Bath. The tub is designed for independent bathing, while also providing added convenience and safety if you require assistance while bathing. The door can be removed by a caregiver, allowing access for entering the Cameo

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