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Recovery Bath Walk In Tub Walk-in Tub

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Type: Tub
Door type: Swing/left or right
Seat type: Contoured
Faucet: Chrome
Shower: Handheld Shower Head
Jets: Yes
W x L x H
29.50 x 56.00 x 38.50
Notes: The tub features a water tight door with a lifetime guarantee and oversized door latch for seniors, a 17/25 inch seat, and a depth that is nearly twice the depth of a standard tub. Options include a jet massage system with heater.
The Recovery Bath walk-in tub has a revolutionary walk-in door that lets the bather enter the tub without stepping over the rim in order to enter easily and safely. It has a stainless steel frame.

Reviews of Recovery Bath Walk In Tub Walk-in Bathtub

Leaking door, defective jets, deceitful company (T.P., Feb. 10th, 2010)

Very poor service, all contact information is invalid or no longer in existence. False advertisement, in reference to the life time warranty of the door seal, how can a company warrant its products if they can't even be contacted. I would not refer this company to anyone on this planet.

Terrible service (J.D., December 9, 2008)

Bought this tub a little over a year ago and we are having alot of problems with it. We cannot contact anyone to even get the parts we need to fix this thing. The number from the site is no longer in service. Stear clear of this company and go somewhere you know you has a proven track record and can service the product. All in all this was a huge rippoff.

Defective Door Handle (Ed: June 16, 2008)

The tear drop door handle fails to be easy to operate. My wife cannot, repeat cannot, operate this handle when attempting to exit the tub. We need a modification now!!!!


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