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Premier Plymouth Walk-in Tub

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Door type: Swing/left or right
Seat type: Contoured
Faucet: Gold/Chrome
Colors: Various
Shower: Yes
Jets: Yes
W x L x H
x x
Notes: The Plymouth features a built-in bath seat with back rest and temperature-controlled water, a choice of colors, and gold or chrome fixtures. In addition, the tub may be used as a shower and there is a hydrotherapy spa system available.
The Plymouth Walk In Bathtub is designed for use by people with balance or lower extremity disabilities or arthritis. The large walk-in bathtub has a low threshold.

Reviews of Premier Plymouth Walk-in Bathtub

We love the tub!

We bought a Plymouth for our Dad, and he loves it. Couldn't be happier. The hydrotherapy works wonders for his legs. Highly recommended.
The other reviews must be from a desperate competitor?

poor product

I am a licensed plumber in central PA that has installed one of these units in the past. The quality of this product compared with that of standard WP tubs was very poor.

Don't purchase from this company

I'm writing this to say it doesn't matter if thier tubs are good or not. From the experience I've had with the installation portion of this unit, I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy. Contract claims installation would be done in 2 days, it took 21 days after they ripped out the existing tub because the people they sent to do the work weren't even licensed so the plumbing inspector shut them down. This matter has been sent to our state's Attorney General's Office, and is being looked into for overcharging as well. Please steer clear of this company as they will take complete advantage and go to any lengths to try to scam you.


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