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Luxor Bath Corp. Egyptus Walk-in Tub

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for this model:
Type: Tub
Door type: Swing
Seat type: Contoured
Faucet: Chrome/Brass/Bronze
Shower: Handheld Shower Head
Jets: Yes
W x L x H
26.25 x 52.00 x 40.00
Notes: The Egyptus features anit slip floor and seat surface, a 6" threshold, and a grab rail and recirculating water heater. A hydrotherapy jet system is available as an option. A lifetime warranty covers the door and faucets and a 15 year warranty covers the tub.
Luxor Tubs has two models which are the same except for the tub width. The Phoenician is 30.25 inches wide and the Egyptus is 26.25 inches wide.


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