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Independent Living Presidential Walk-in Tub

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for this model:
Door type: Swing/left or right
Seat type: Contour/Bidet
Faucet: Chrome
Colors: White/Custom
Shower: Handheld Shower Head
Jets: Yes
W x L x H
30.00 x 51.50 x 42.50
Notes: The tub features a built-in anti-slip contoured seat with bidet notch. a heated foot and leg massager, a hydrotherapy hot temperature maintainer, a thermostatic mixing valve control unit. anti-slip floor, an extra-wide inward opening door with a cutaway to allow the user to enter without turning sideways, an automated speed drain, all plumbing fixtures, including lever faucets, and removable front and side panels for access to all plumbing and electrical components. Options include curtain a rod and shower curtain.
The Presidential Walk In Bathtub is designed for use by people with balance or lower extremity disabilities or arthritis. The deep-soak walk-in tub has a hydrotherapy air spa system with twenty-four hydro-ports. The Presidential is made from acrylic on the outside and steel-reinforced fiberglass on the inside, with a high gloss protective finish.


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