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Independent Living Power Bathe Standard Walk-in Tub

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for this model:
Type: Tub
Door type: Swing/left or right
Seat type: Powered seat
Faucet: Chrome/Goldtone
Colors: White/Soft Cream
Shower: Handheld Shower Head
Jets: Yes
W x L x H
27.50 x 59.00 x 22.00
Notes: Both the Power-Bathe and the Power Bathe Extra Long models feature the power controlled seat lift (up to 365 pounds), battery back-up power pack, and anti slip floor and seat.
The Power-Bathe and the Power Bathe Extra Long are ideal for a "horizontal soak" bathing experience. Both tubs include a powered contour seat that raises and lowers the bather with the touch of a button. The Power-Bathe model is 59" long and the Power-Bathe Extra Long model is 67" long.


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