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Comfort Bath Venetian - DISCONTINUED Walk-in Tub

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for this model:
Type: Tub
Door type: Swing/left or right
Seat type: Contoured
Faucet: Chrome/Goldtone
Colors: White/Custom
Shower: Shower frame available
Jets: Yes
W x L x H
30.00 x 50.00 x 40.00
Notes: Made in the USA, has anti-slip floor, 26" wide interior, extra wide door, anti-scald valve, shower curtain rod assembly. Ramp to tub door is available.
The Venetian is Comfort Bath's most popular model. It is only a couple of inches shorter in length than a standard tub, with an interior space measuring 26" wide. Inward doors provide easier access and flexibility. A deck extension is available to bring the tub to the same length as a standard tub.
This model is DISCONTINUED - no longer sold by Comfort Bath, now known as Luxor Bath.


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